Does the Z2pack can run with Quantum Espresso 6.6

Yubin Fu yubin.fu at
Tue Dec 15 23:39:45 CET 2020

Dear Dr. Gresch,

Thank you very much for developing the Z2pack. Recently I am learning to use Z2pack to investigate 1D GNRs. But I have some problems when I start the example of Bismuth by using QE6.6 with Wannier90? on HPC.

The error is: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'find'. I checked it from the Internet, it seems there are many different reasons. I checked the position of 'find'. It is in this part:

# Copying the lattice parameters from into
cell = ET.parse('scf/').find('CELL').find('DIRECT_LATTICE_VECTORS')
unit = cell[0].attrib['UNITS']
lattice = '\n '.join([line.text.strip('\n ') for line in cell[1:]])

I checked the data-file.xml and found the 'cell' part but no 'DIRECT_LATTICE_VECTORS' part. So it is because of the absence of 'DIRECT_LATTICE_VECTORS' part that causes the error? Or you have better suggestions. I out the and data-file.xml file in the attachments. It will be great if you can have a check.

I also checked the example of the folder in z2pack and found that the Quantum Espresso version is 5.1.1, which is an older version compared with version 6.6. Therefore, the data-file.xml should be the data-file-schema.xml file (I just changed). Also the content of the .xml file in version 5.1.1 is quite different from version 6.6. I cannot find the keyword 'DIRECT_LATTICE_VECTORS' (you can see it in the attachment). Also I'm not sure the following unit and lattice data will be correct.

So would you mind to check the file for QE6.6? I found that I cannot do it by myself.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


Dr. Yubin Fu
Technische Universität Dresden
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Department of Chemistry and Food Chemistry
Chair of Moleculare Functional Materials
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