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Wed Dec 27 15:53:51 CET 2017

Respected Sir/Madam

I am Mr.Majeed Ur Rehman from Pakistan. I am Master student with very less background in VASP. Currently, i am learning vasp tools. These days i am interested to learn how one can calculate a Berry curvature and Z2 topological index using vasp, wannier90.  Let me mention that wannier90 and Z2 pack are already interfaced with the VASP on our cluster. But the problem is to how can I use it to calculate Berry curvature and Z2 topological index. For this, I need some guideline from an expert like you, because no expert is available here with me to guide.

Your help would be highly appreciated. I know you would be too much busy sir but your help would be like an oxygen for me to survive at this initial and difficult stage of my learning.

Thank You and looking forward for your nice response.

Best Regards
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