Wilson loop?

Young-Joon Song blueway39 at korea.ac.kr
Thu Mar 23 15:09:07 CET 2017

Dear developers,
Hello. I have learned about z2pack to calculate Z2 invariants and Chern number.

Unfortunately, I mainly use Wien2k code. Is there any plan to implement fp-wien2k on z2pack?
Anyway, I make a system using tbmodels with 'wannier90_hr.dat' file. ( This file is from wien2wannier and Wannier90)
model = tbmodels.Model.from_hr_file('wannier90_hr.dat')
system = z2pack.tb.System(model, bands=6)

Is it possible to calculate Wilson loop in this method?

 If so, can I use kpoints I made? 

This is because I want to calculate Wilson loop and  mirror Chern numbers using kpoints along a line on a mirror plane of BZ.
Any comments will be very helpful for me. 
Thanks in advance.

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