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Dominik Gresch greschd at phys.ethz.ch
Mon Mar 6 14:46:15 CET 2017

Dear Hulei Yu,

Yes, Z2Pack can be used to calculate mirror Chern numbers. The way this 
is done is by calculating overlap matrices only for the +i or -i 
eigenstates, instead of all bands. This is currently implemented for 
Quantum Espresso 5.3 in the 'pw2z2pack' routine. You can find it here: 
along with an example for SnTe.

Best regards,

Dominik Gresch

On 06.03.2017 09:25, YU, Hulei wrote:
> Dear professor,
> I am a beginner of Z2Pack. The software could calculate the chern 
> number for TIs conveniently. I would like to know that whether Z2Pack 
> could be used or revised to calculate the Mirror chern number (for 
> /topological crystalline insulator/s). Thanks.
> Regards
> Hulei YU
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