KPOINTS file using VASP for Z2pack.fp.system

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Wed Nov 2 09:59:23 CET 2016

Dear Wei Li,

You do not need to include a KPOINTS file in your input. The reason for 
this is that Z2Pack dynamically generates a KPOINTS file for each 
Wannier charge center calculation. This is the purpose of the 
'z2pack.fp.kpoint.vasp' function -- it generates the content of the 
KPOINTS file, given a k-point path. The 'kpt_path' variable gives the 
name of the file in which this is saved, which is 'KPOINTS' for VASP.

You do not need to create input files called 'z2pack.fp.System', 'input' 
or 'KPOINTS'. You just need to set up the input files for VASP (except 
the KPOINTS file), and let Z2Pack know where these files are. Z2Pack 
then copies the input files into a build folder and generates the 

The easiest way to get you started is by using the example given here 
(copy the whole directory):

In this example you just need to add the POTCAR file in the 'input' 
folder (I cannot distribute this file because of VASP's license). Then 
you should be able to run the '' script.

Best regards,

P.S.: If you are using the older (1.X) version of Z2Pack, the 
corresponding version of the example can be found here:

On 02.11.2016 01:58, Wei Li wrote:
> Dear z2pack team,
> I am a Ph.D student in University of Delaware, and I am studying to do 
> z2 invariants calculation using z2pack.
> When I creat z2pack.fp.system, I feel confused about the input files. 
> The tutorial shows that the KPOINTS file used in the NSCF run
> should not be in input files, but when I read, there shows the 
> kpt_path=“KPOINTS” . Do I need to include the KPOINTS file?
> Can you can me to check if I created the z2pack.fp.system properly as 
> following:
>  z2pack.fp.System file:
> DOSCAR *input*  POSCAR         XDATCAR
> EIGENVAL jobpython  OSZICAR  POTCAR  vasprun.xml z2pack.fp.kpts.vasp
> IBZKPT   jobz2pack  OUTCAR   PROCAR
> input file:
> KPOINTS file:
> z2pack.fp.kpts.vasp
> Is that ok?
> Regards
> Wei Li

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